About Parivartan School for Specially abled

Free School for Special Children

Parivartan School for Specially abled Managed by Astha Foundation is non-profit, noncommercial, foundation dedicated for the betterment of Mentally Challenged children.

Parivartan School for Specially abled is imparting humanity services since last decade and is managed by a team of committed professionals interested in creating better life for the mentally challenged

our aim

We aim to built a better place for specially abled children

To spread smile on the faces of Mentally retarded children, who are neglected in the society, made fun of their intelligence, We want students to gain self-respect and dignity in the society,

We aim to bring them to the mainstream of the society

Our Team

Our team is dedicated to creating an inclusive space where every child, regardless of their abilities, feels valued and supported.

We approach our work with a deep sense of empathy, recognizing the diverse needs and abilities of each special child.

Our Certified Well-trained instructors help these students with basic life skills and fundamental concepts that will help them function as independently and self-reliant

We have a dedicated Team of 3 Special Educators and 3 Helpers with a fleet of three vehicles for the transport of the children to pick and drop them from the home to school and vise a versa.

Medical Serivces to children

We conduct physiotherapy sessions, Dental and Medicinal camps for children

These Children are not able to express their problems or illness to anybody for this reason we conduct monthly checkups for checking their vitals, 

Dental checkups are conducted on the regular basis for the oral healthcare of the children, 

Some with Physical disabilities faces lot of problems in their lives for such students physiotherapy sessions are conducted.